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Antpod - Modular 4-In-1 Test Tube Micro Formicarium
Antpod - Modular 4-In-1 Test Tube Micro Formicarium

AntPod - Modular 4-in-1 test tube Micro Formicarium

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AntPod, the handy 4-in-1 test tube micro formicarium is ideal for young growing ant colonies. It makes the most important early care work a breeze!
  • No more fumbling with cotton to feed ants!
  • No more test tubes rolling away!
  • No more complicated swap of test tube when water is depleted! 
  • Test tube holder (prevents rolling away)
  • Micro mesh for optimal ventilation
  • Easy feeding with „feeder plug“
  • Simple & clean exchange of test tube

The adapter can be pluggeed directly onto a normal 16mm test tube. It provides stability and protection against rolling away. The small feeder plug makes it easy to feed your ants. Just add a drop of honey or some protein food into the plug and slide it in. A micro mesh guarantees optimal ventilation. The mesh can be removed to release a second test tube connector for easy exchange of test tubes (for example when water is depleted).

The adapter is translucent so ants won‘t nest in there.

  • 1x 4-in-1 adapter
  • 1x micro ventilation mesh
  • 1x food plug
  • 1x test tube

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